Preventative Maintenance for Employees

I attended a seminar recently which gavevarious  insights into Stress and Depression in the workplace.

One of the main speakers, who happens to be an engineer, manages the Preventatiive Maintenance (PM) system for the various pieces of machinery in his company. As part of his speech he suggested that Human employees need  PM as well, so that they can become rejuvenated and be more productive employees as a result.

I remembered a project that I was involved in my old job in a large Multi Purpose Dairy site, where we changged the culture of the Maintenance Department from 70% Breakdown  to 70% Preventative Maintenance activities.

Some of the key parameters that I recall was that important high speed machines were part of a Condition monitoring programme, where diagnostic equipment such as vibrtation recording probes were used to establish the health of the machine and its components. If the Vibration values were rising, then Engineers could take the machine down for Service. 

At the other end of the scale, less important machines were allowed to continue operating until they broke down, where at this stage Maintenance would carry out a service.

Going back to the Seminar, one could ask are employees important enough to enjoy some kind of Condtion monitoring programme or are they less important so that remedial works can be carried out when they break down.?

I would suggest the former, because we all use the buzz word that "employees are our most valuable asset", and if we allow them to breakdown, then they will not be able to make a productive contribution to your organisation for many months. For a small organisation, the absence of a productive employee for this period of time can be very difficult to bear.

So the question is how does an Organisation carry out Condition monitoring of it's employees. There are some obvious ways such as Appraisal  and 360 degree feedback systems, but these will not give an accurate picture for all your employees. 

If any organisation needs help in addressing this question, please contact Noel at 00353872671883.

Noel O Brien

Two people shorten the road (GioraĆ­onn beirt bothar)



One of the legends of the Gobán Saor is Gioraíonn Beirt bothar

As well as two people shortening the road by companionship and chat, I also believe that this same dynamic with the three joggers not only made them "shorten the road", but also enabled them to run a little faster. This is a bit like the phenomenon of the peloton in a cycle race will always go faster than a lone cyclist.
See the detail of the legend below:

Gioraíonn beirt bóthar!


 The Goban was blessed with a son but as the way is with the world the blessing was marred by the fact that his son's brightness often shone behind clouds and was difficult to see at the best of times. At other times so absent was that brightness that he seemed just plain dim.

Setting out one day to walk a day's journey to his next job, he said to his son, "shorten the road!". The son was perplexed and didn't know how to reply. "How can I shorten the road?", he muttered sullenly. "Sure isn't it as long as it is? How can any man shorten a road?".

The Goban was not to be deterred. "Well so", he said, "if you can't shorten the road there'll be no traveling today. And with that he turned and went back to his house.

The son was baffled and not a little annoyed. "What kind of a question is that?" he wondered and spent the rest of his day slowly simmering his resentment for his inscrutable father.

Next morning the scene was repeated, faithful in every detail. "Shorten the road!", instructed the Goban to his lumpen boy. "Shorten the road yourself, ye....." but his words were lost on the wind as he turned and stalked back to the house and the comfort of the kitchen where his mother was baking griddle bread.

"What ails you, son?" asked his mother as he slouched into the kitchen. "My father, the Goban Saor. It's free of his wits he is, the fool," he answered. "There's no sense in that man at all."

"Why is that?", his mother asked, sensing once again a familiar experience. It is hard for a woman to get the better of a man like the Goban but she had had married him after all and had made it her life's work to match him even if she couldn't outwit him.

"He told me to shorten the road, twice, this morning and yesterday morning too." Does he think I'm a fool?" "We'll not answer that for the moment," his mother observed quietly. "Do you mean you don't know how to shorten the road?" she asked him. Do you not know that good stories shorten long roads just as good talk brings people closer together?" "Tomorrow, if the Goban asks you again, tell him to walk on and you'll tell him a tale to toll the passing miles."

It would be no surprise to tell you that the very next morning the Goban instructed his son to shorten the road, and he did. The day was not long in passing, the miles covered seemed no longer than a couple inches and they both arrived in high good spirits for the work which awaited them.


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