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USA work visas

There is a scheme at the moment where the US grant 10,000  work visas to Australian citizens every year.  These visas allow the successful candidate to work at any job that he/she likes  in the USA for the duration of the Visa.. The arrangement can be renewed every 2 years without any apparent difficulty.

The Ozzies, however, only avail of half of these, so Irish government representatives have requested that the unused half (5000 visas) are allocated to Irish people. This matter is being considered at the moment by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Why are Ireland pursuing this?  The country is suffering a chronic shortage of Health care workers (Doctors, GPs and Nurses) and Trades persons in the Building profession. The economy of Ireland is effectively at full employment (5% unemployed).

Ireland cannot export more skilled people who already have consumed state resources in training and education for the benefit of another country especially when these people are needed to work here.

Decision makers in Ireland, Get Real and start thinking of the bigger picture at home!!