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What can the Dodo teach us?

  • Never be complacent. The moment you feel complacent, remind yourself that the “strategies that took you where you are today will not make you survive tomorrow.”
  • Be agile. 
  • The failure to adapt quickly and effectively to a changing business environment leads businesses to extinction.
  • Take calculated but not reckless risks. The dodo bird needed to do some good data collection and then to act quickly! Be wary of new arrivals
  • Recognise the forces of destruction. Companies generally face forces of destruction outside or already present within the organisation.  They can be dormant or in full display.   A million years of evolution wiped out in 100 years.
  • Adapt to the World as it is Now, Not as it Was! Senior leaders and operational managers must also adapt to the world as it is now, not as it was. Everything changed the day humans arrived in Mauritius.